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How to Create Wi-Fi Hotspot on Your Laptop?


If you want to find out how to create hotspot to share network connections, the first thing to do is to download & install Free Virtual Hotspot. Then you can follow this tutorial step by step to get the job done. With the help of this free WiFi Hotspot software, building a WiFi hotspot can't be easier.

Step 1. Specify ID & Password

Download, install and launch Free Virtual Hotspot. Specify the hotspot name and password (The default password is 12345678) you want to use to access the hotspot.

Show Password - Mask the password with character *.

Clear Fields - Clear the ID & password fields.

Specify ID & Password

Choose Internet Source & Device Amount

Select one of the Internet connections you have from the dropdown menu to share.

You can use the refresh button on the right to refresh the menu to if you have a new network connection.

You are also allowed to change the maximum number of devices allowed in your network by setting the number in "Max Clients".

Choose Internet Source & Device Amount

Step 3. Create WiFi Hotspot

When all the settings finished, simply hit "Start Hotspot" to create the WiFi hotspot. Now you can provide the ID & password to people with whom you want to share the network.

To disable the hotspot, just click "Stop Hotspot". You can see the hint of the hotspot status (ON and OFF).

Create WiFi Hotspot

Advanced Settings and More Info

When hotspot is on, you can see detailed information in the box at the bottom, showing the users connected, name, IP address, MAC address, total data transferred, data sent/received and download/upload speed.

Detailed Info

To use Free Virtual Hotspot easily, it provides more handy features. Press F3 or click the gear button at the right top to choose "Settings...", you can see options below. By ticking these boxes you can enable the feature you want:

Run at Windows Startup
Auto Start Hotspot
Always Minimize to System Tray
Always on Top
Show Notification Pop-ups


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