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    Free to generate WiFi hotspot in your Windows laptops to share connection with iPad, iPhone, laptops, smartphones and more!
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Create Hotspot to Share Network Connections

WiFi hotspot creator that is free to set up a WiFi hotspot, making your Windows laptop a WiFi router so that you can share all types of internet connections with anyone in ultrafast and stable speed via secured & fully customizable ID.


Share All Networks with All Devices

Literally share any network connection like DSL, Cable, LAN, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Mobile Broadband Card, Data-Card, Dial-Up, 3G/4G, WiFi, etc. for laptops, PDAs, iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Windows phones and numerous other smartphones & devices.


No Extra Hardware/Software Needed

One-click access to internet connection sharing - the simplicity of use cuts the requirement in software/ hardware and you just need Free Virtual Hotspot installed instead of any extra software or external hardware like a router except the existing one.


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How to Create Virtual WiFi Hotspot on Your Laptop to Share Network?
How to Create Virtual WiFi Hotspot on Your Laptop to Share Network?

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How to Create Wi-Fi Hotspot on Your Laptop?
Free Virtual Hotspot Troubleshooting

Got problems using Free Virtual Hotspot? Here we provide some troubleshooting steps that may help. It is suggested that you follow all steps in the "Complete Guide" section to rule out some basic problems but if your problems continue after that, you should proceed with other solutions one by one until they are fixed. [More...]

How to Protect Your Wi-Fi Hotspot with Password?
Tips & Tricks

In this article we provide some tips and tricks that can strengthen your WiFi signal, protect your WiFi security and important suggestions when you need to use free public WiFi. [More...]

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